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I am an expert in grammar and the English language, with advanced degrees and publications in English and linguistics and many years of professional experience teaching English, grammar, linguistics and English as a second or foreign language, and I have studied dozens of languages.

I can help you with English, grammar, writing and many languages.

Help with English, grammar, writing and languages: http://Grammar.Consulting

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Software Is The New Foreign Language Teacher In Maine

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What Is a Dictionary, Really?

@EnglishConsult Sep 26, 11:54

What Is a Dictionary, Really?

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3D tech proves Hebrew Bible ‘unchanged for 2000 years’

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Do you know the meaning of the dictionary’s newest words?

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ESPN anchor shows sad arrogance in tweet about Ichiro Suzuki

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The Unexpectedly Existential Roots of Adjective Order

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Blind people gesture (and why that’s kind of a big deal)

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"I've noticed you physics people can be a little on the reductionist side."…

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* Mad about jorts

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The majority of Germans think refugees should be forced to attend language classes

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American English is Changing Fast

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Pet Portrait Artist Comes to Dog Fest

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In more news from the alma mater . . .

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Can Japanese speakers really read Chinese? It depends on what you mean by 'read' | The Japan Times

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English Grammar Lecture 13: The Object Complement Patterns

@EnglishConsult Sep 15, 16:37

English Grammar Lecture 13: The Object Complement Patterns: via @YouTube

@EnglishConsult Sep 15, 09:51

hello.^^ can i ask you a question (?).. is this sentence right? "they no coming to the party this evening."? pls...

@EnglishConsult Sep 15, 08:23

hello.^^ can i ask you a question (?).. is this sentenc… — Hi, thank you for asking me your question. Unfortunatel…

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Now You Know: When Did People Start Saying That the Year Was 'A.D.'?

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Watchwords: The language that gave us 'coffee' and 'algebra'

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is a year enough to speak english fluent? |

@EnglishConsult Sep 11, 21:04

English Grammar Lecture 12: Transitive Phrasal Verbs

@EnglishConsult Sep 11, 08:56

Though "Quina és?" is Catalan, I believe . . .

@EnglishConsult Sep 11, 00:51

@Games4Language Thank you for retweeting.

@EnglishConsult Sep 10, 11:31

is a year enough to speak english fluent? — That really depends on where and how you learn English, or really any …

@EnglishConsult Sep 10, 11:19

how i learn english faster? — If you mean "How can I learn English faster?" I believe the keys are to expose yours…

@EnglishConsult Sep 09, 15:41

I just published “English Grammar Lecture 12: Transitive Phrasal Verbs”