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I am an expert in grammar and the English language, with advanced degrees and publications in English and linguistics and many years of professional experience teaching English, grammar, linguistics and English as a second or foreign language, and I have studied dozens of languages.

I can help you with English, grammar, writing and many languages.

Help with English, grammar, writing and languages: http://Grammar.Consulting

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The NYTimes Crossword Puzzle: Celebrating 75 Years

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Deaf man claims lawyer’s bad sign language cost him millions

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Sad to hear, but very grateful to have been enlightened so often by his work. @waltmossberg

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The Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island | California Missions Resource Center

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I can't understand why in this type of sentence an auth… — Hello, my apologies for having overlooked this question…

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@NBCNightlyNews Goodnight, but I expected a correction on that #Jupiter story: "415 miles" from Earth? More like a million times that.

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April 1, 2017

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Berkeley killing renews debate over gender pronouns